Experience the freedom and flexibility of our electric bikes. From urban commuter bikes to rugged mountain bikes, we offer the perfect e-bike for every lifestyle and adventure.


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Save €700,00
Urtopia Carbon One | E-BikeUrtopia Carbon One | E-Bike
Urtopia Carbon One | E-Bike Sale price€2.599,00 Regular price€3.299,00
Save €200,00
Sava Stelpa 4.0Sava Stelpa 4.0
Sava Stelpa 4.0 Sale price€1.099,00 Regular price€1.299,00
On sale
Sava eGrus 4.0 | E-BikeSava eGrus 4.0 | E-Bike
Sava eGrus 4.0 | E-Bike Sale priceFrom €2.449,00 Regular price€2.699,00
Save €150,00
Sava Fjoll 4.0Sava Fjoll 4.0
Sava Fjoll 4.0 Sale price€1.199,00 Regular price€1.349,00
Save €300,00
Sava eVandra 2.2 | E-BikeSava eVandra 2.2 | E-Bike
Sava eVandra 2.2 | E-Bike Sale price€2.799,00 Regular price€3.099,00
Smartmotion Pacer GT | E-BikeSmartmotion Pacer GT | E-Bike
Smartmotion Pacer GT | E-Bike Sale price€2.990,00
Smartmotion Xcity Neo Gen6 | E-BikeSmartmotion Xcity Neo Gen6 | E-Bike
Smartmotion Xplore Performance | E-BikeSmartmotion Xplore Performance | E-Bike
Smartmotion Xplore Pro | E-BikeSmartmotion Xplore Pro | E-Bike
Smartmotion Xplore Pro | E-Bike Sale price€5.990,00
Smartmotion G5 Hypersonic | E-BikeSmartmotion G5 Hypersonic | E-Bike
Save €300,00
Sava Bruni 29" 6.0Sava Bruni 29" 6.0
Sava Bruni 29" 6.0 Sale price€3.699,00 Regular price€3.999,00
Save €300,00
Sava Bruni 29" 8.0Sava Bruni 29" 8.0
Sava Bruni 29" 8.0 Sale price€3.699,00 Regular price€3.999,00
Save €250,00
Sava Grus 4.0Sava Grus 4.0
Sava Grus 4.0 Sale price€2.099,00 Regular price€2.349,00
Save €250,00
Sava Vegur 2.4Sava Vegur 2.4
Sava Vegur 2.4 Sale price€2.149,00 Regular price€2.399,00
Save €300,00
Sava Vegur 6.0Sava Vegur 6.0
Sava Vegur 6.0 Sale price€2.799,00 Regular price€3.099,00
Save €500,00
Sava Vegir 2.0Sava Vegir 2.0
Sava Vegir 2.0 Sale price€4.999,00 Regular price€5.499,00
Save €900,00
Sava Vegir 4.0Sava Vegir 4.0
Sava Vegir 4.0 Sale price€6.999,00 Regular price€7.899,00
Save €150,00
Sava Vikta 6.0Sava Vikta 6.0
Sava Vikta 6.0 Sale price€1.249,00 Regular price€1.399,00
Save €259,00
Sava eVikta 6.0 | E-BikeSava eVikta 6.0 | E-Bike
Sava eVikta 6.0 | E-Bike Sale price€1.990,00 Regular price€2.249,00
Smartmotion E20 Step thru | E-BikeSmartmotion E20 Step thru | E-Bike
Save €50,00
Sava Barn 2.2Sava Barn 2.2
Sava Barn 2.2 Sale price€749,00 Regular price€799,00
Save €100,00
Sava Barn 4.2Sava Barn 4.2
Sava Barn 4.2 Sale price€799,00 Regular price€899,00

Electrify your riding experience with our e-bikes

Experience the freedom and flexibility of our electric bikes. From urban commuter bikes to rugged mountain bikes, our selection of e-bikes combines cutting-edge technology with premium design to give you an unrivaled riding experience. Whether you want to explore the city or conquer nature, our e-bikes offer the power and endurance you need.

Quality meets sustainability

Our e-bikes are the result of expert knowledge, passion and the pursuit of innovation. Each bike is carefully constructed and equipped with high-quality components to give you optimal performance and durability. With our e-bikes you are not only investing in a high-quality product, but also in a greener and more sustainable future.

Perfect for every lifestyle

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a hobbyist, our e-bikes are designed to provide a smooth and exciting riding experience. With various models and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect e-bike to suit your lifestyle and needs.