For the adventurous, our e-cross bikes offer the opportunity to conquer any terrain. With robust construction and powerful engines, they are ready for any off-road adventure.


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e-boost off-roade-boost off-road
e-boost off-road Sale price€8.590,00
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GOWOW Ori Sale priceFrom €5.790,00 Regular price€6.290,00
Arctic Leopard EXT | Off-roadArctic Leopard EXT | Off-road
Arctic Leopard EXT | Off-road Sale priceFrom €5.990,00
Arctic Leopard EAT | TrialArctic Leopard EAT | Trial
Arctic Leopard EAT | Trial Sale priceFrom €5.690,00
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Velocifero Jump ScramblerVelocifero Jump Scrambler
Velocifero Jump Scrambler Sale priceFrom €3.790,00

Experience the adventure

Our e-cross bikes are designed for those who love adventure. With their robust construction and powerful engines, they are ready to conquer any terrain. Whether on unpaved paths or steep hills, our e-cross bikes offer the performance and stability you need for your off-road adventures.

Robustness meets performance

Each of our e-cross bikes is built to last. With robust frames, powerful engines and high-quality components, they are ready to tackle even the toughest conditions. At the same time, they offer impressive power and speed that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Sustainable adventure

Our e-cross bikes not only offer fun and adventure, but also an environmentally friendly way to explore nature. With their zero-emission engines, they help protect the environment while you satisfy your thirst for adventure. With our e-cross bikes you can enjoy nature and support its protection at the same time.