Discover our selection of high-quality vehicles for children now and give your little ones the incomparable feeling of limitless freedom!


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Velocifero rookie Velocifero rookie
Velocifero rookie Sale price€420,00
Velocifero Baby Jump Velocifero Baby Jump
Velocifero Baby Jump Sale price€420,00
Velocifero Mini Electric ATV Velocifero Mini Electric ATV
Velocifero Mini Electric ATV Sale price€1.190,00
Velocifero XE 10-10
Velocifero XE 10-10 Sale price€1.450,00
Velocifero XE 12-10
Velocifero XE 12-10 Sale price€1.490,00
Velocifero XE 14-12
Velocifero XE 14-12 Sale price€1.550,00

Experience electric adventures for children

Our electric children's vehicles are perfect for young explorers who want to explore new horizons. With their robust construction and electric drives, they offer the freedom to explore any environment. Whether on forest paths or in city parks, our electric vehicles for children guarantee safe and exciting driving pleasure for the next generation.

Robust children's vehicles for unlimited fun

Each of our children's vehicles is designed to meet the needs of young adventurers. With stable frames, powerful engines and high-quality components, they not only offer safety, but also a lot of driving fun. Your children can use it to explore the world and experience unforgettable moments.

Sustainable driving pleasure for young explorers

Our children's vehicles not only offer fun and excitement, but also an environmentally friendly way of getting around. With their electric drives, they help protect our environment and at the same time satisfy your children's thirst for adventure. With our electric vehicles you can discover nature in a playful way and at the same time learn how important it is to protect it.