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Velocifero is a unique brand with a different vision of the world of two wheels, offering a range of electric scooters with a strong personality and distinctive design. Velocifero combines functionality, performance and design in its products.


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Velocifero XE 12-10
Velocifero XE 12-10 Sale price€1.490,00
Sold out
Velocifero Jump ScramblerVelocifero Jump Scrambler
Velocifero Jump Scrambler Sale priceFrom €3.790,00
Velocifero Mini Electric ATV Velocifero Mini Electric ATV
Velocifero Mini Electric ATV Sale price€1.190,00
Velocifero XE 14-12
Velocifero XE 14-12 Sale price€1.550,00
Velocifero XE 10-10
Velocifero XE 10-10 Sale price€1.450,00
Velocifero Baby Jump Velocifero Baby Jump
Velocifero Baby Jump Sale price€420,00
Velocifero rookie Velocifero rookie
Velocifero rookie Sale price€420,00
Sold out
Velocifero Mad TruckVelocifero Mad Truck
Velocifero Mad Truck Sale price€1.990,00
Velocifero Mad 1000Velocifero Mad 1000
Velocifero Mad 1000 Sale price€1.190,00
Velocifero JumpVelocifero Jump
Velocifero Jump Sale priceFrom €3.690,00
Velocifero Tennis EVelocifero Tennis E
Velocifero Tennis E Sale price€3.690,00

Italian craftsmanship.

Founded in Garda in 1999, Velocifero combines Italian craftsmanship with modern technology to create electric vehicles that stand out from the crowd.

Versatile offer.

From electric bikes to electric scooters, Velocifero offers a wide range of vehicles to suit different riding preferences and needs.

Experience and expertise.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Velocifero has established itself as a trusted name in the field of electric mobility. Their expertise is evident in the quality and performance of their vehicles.


Benefit from our experience and our variety of brands. Our teams and employees will accompany you on your path to electromobility.

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