Eborn Cargo Cat 1

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  • Driving license class: B or moped driving license (25 km/h from 15 years)
  • With street approval (insurance license plate)
  • Load capacity: 364 kg
  • Loading area (L x W): 1100 x 850 mm
  • Maximum speed: 2-5 km/h
  • Range : up to 50 km
  • Power : 0.8 kW nominal power | 1.6 kW peak power
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2495 x 872 x 1145 mm

Discover the unbeatable versatility and power of the Eborn Cargo Cat. With an impressive load capacity of up to 364 kg and a generous loading area of ​​1100 x 850 mm, you are well equipped to effortlessly master the demands of the city center or on your company premises.

Our electric delivery vehicles are fully approved for road traffic and can be driven with both a class B driving license and a moped driving license (from 15 years old up to 25 km/h). The maximum speed is 25 km/h, which guarantees safety and flexibility in traffic.

With an impressive range of up to 50 km and a peak power of 1.6 kW, the Eborn Cargo Cat offers the ideal combination of endurance and performance. The compact dimensions of 2495 x 872 x 1145 mm allow for easy maneuvering even in the tightest urban environments.

The Eborn Cargo Cat is not only a reliable and efficient solution for delivery services and last mile delivery, but also an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles. With its quiet and environmentally friendly electric drive, it makes a valuable contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint and promoting sustainable mobility.

Invest in the future of mobility and benefit from the numerous advantages of an electric delivery van with the Eborn Cargo Cat. Efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly - this is how we design the transport solutions of tomorrow.

Our knowledgeable staff is available by phone or email to provide detailed information on speed, range, price and regulatory requirements. With quick and reliable answers, they support you in your purchase decision so that you always have a completely good feeling.

Many of our vehicles from previous deliveries are already sold out! We should receive the new delivery around the beginning of April, but a lot has already been pre-ordered and reserved. So be sure to inquire and reserve!

Colors: Gray
Sale price€1.590,00
Sold out
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